I love walking and have been doing quite a bit over the past few weekends. regardless of the weather although I draw the line at blizzards, floods and gales!!

I love the feeling of freedom that walking brings, being in the fresh air and surrounded by nature.

When I became single for the second time, a few years ago, walking was my salvation. I would drive my car, not really knowing where I was going, park up and just walk.

I felt that I had to keep moving and I thought that if I stopped, the world would come crashing down around me.

Being active kept my hamster wheel of negative emotions and thoughts at bay. but when I stopped they filled my headspace.

Over time, walking became my sanctuary, I was able to feel free, breath and make sense of my situation.

I began to plan.  Plan what I was going to do next, plan how wanted my life to be, plan how I was going to be happy again, plan how I was going to move forward as a single person. I created an internal wish list of what I wanted to experience and achieve.

Have I achieved all of the things on my list?

Some of them, but I find myself adding to it.

Going through a breakup, separation or divorce is not the end, yes its hard, but you find out who you are in the process.

“The hardest walk is walking alone, but its also the walk that makes you the strongest!”