All programmes run for at least six sessions and are tailored for each individual client to include counselling, coaching and holistic therapies. Contact me to find out more.

Divorce and Relationship counselling and coaching programmes

Rebuild trust programme

This programme is suitable for individuals or couples who are struggling to rebuild trust due to lies, deceit, betrayal or infidelity. Whether that is emotional, physical, sexting, online, or addiction based.

Within this programme I help and support clients to:

  • Acknowledge what has happened, the part that they played and the hurt and pain they have caused their partner.
  • Look at the possible reasons behind the betrayal to harness awareness.
  • Accept what has happened and to move towards closure in order to start rebuilding.
  • Communicate in an open, respectful, supportive and empathetic way.
  • Re-connect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to begin building a new and more connected relationship.
  • Navigate any blocks, setbacks or issues that rise during the rebuilding process.

* Within this programme there are couples’ activities to complete between sessions which include shared values exercise and partner questions to harness conversation, intimacy and emotional connection.

Moving on Programme

This programme is for people who are navigating a relationship breakdown, separation and divorce and want to heal and move forwards as a newly single person to find fulfilment, peace and happiness.

Within this programme, I support clients to:

  • Move through the grief cycle from denial to acceptance.
  • Let go emotionally and physically from their ex and work towards closure and forgiveness.
  • Reduce the intensity of negative thoughts and emotions around their ex.
  • Navigate co-parenting or parallel parenting with their ex.
  • Work towards making positive changes to their life.
  • Focus on self-awareness and self-love by removing the blocks that are holding them back from walking their own path of self-actualisation due to trauma and negative emotions.

Healing Programme

This holistic programme is for people who are struggling to heal from relationship trauma due to abuse, narcissism, abandonment, infidelity, toxic relationships and self-sabotage.

Within this programme, I help clients to:

  • Take the first step on their healing journey by being a compassionate and empathetic witness to their negative and traumatic experiences.
  • Look at the client’s nervous systems response to their trauma – emotionally, physically and spiritually to bring clarity and awareness of self.
  • Become more autonomous over their life choices to regain control.
  • Rebuild self-worth, love and confidence.
  • Work towards forgiveness of self and harness self-compassion.
  • Look at healthy and positive ways of being that works for the client in mind, body and spirit.

*As the path to healing is unique to every client, sessions may include meditation, breathwork, EFT (Tapping), crystal healing and self-regulation techniques.

Find ‘the one’ Programme

This programme for people who are ready for the next step and want to dip their toe into the dating pool and find their ‘forever’ person but don’t know where or how to begin!

I work with clients to:

  • Design their ideal partner, thinking about the physical, emotional and spiritual attributes that they are looking for.
  • Complete a values list to help with compatibility and common goals.
  • Select a dating app/apps based on lifestyle, personality and needs – whether that be a casual relationship, something more committed and long term or a soul mate connection.
  • Set up a profile that is authentic, honest and relevant to attract likeminded people.
  • Understand dating jargon like bookmarking, catfishing, ghosting, ‘zombie Ing’, circular dating and micro-relationship.
  • Build confidence to be able to chat and meet people who they match with.
  • To navigate the ups and downs that inevitably come with dating from high expectations and dating etiquette to online scammers and fake profiles.