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I am very appreciative and grateful to Fay. Her counselling and coaching has enabled me to see a clearer picture of what I’m going through now and also to look to the future and consider what changes I can make to give me the life I want. Fay has empathised and validated my thoughts/actions and also suggested techniques to guide me in other areas. I feel I have made significant progress in just these past 6 sessions and have a better understanding and sense of what I can achieve to take control of my life. Thank you Fay.

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Fay was my saving grace during a very painful period in my 15 year marriage. She was the shining light, the voice of reason, wisdom and personal knowledge along with her experience.

She always listened first was very polite & courteous at all times, no matter what I threw in her direction and trust me I would have challenged a saint during that period of my live.

Her continued professional counselling services provided me all the help & support over a long period that I desperately needed from an outside person to my situation.

I now know Fay helped guide me back to my rightful path in my own life while allowing me to take back the control that I had lost along my own journey.

I will always be extremely thankful that Fay contacted me from my BARK request and I would recommend her from the bottom of my heart as she is also fabulous person.

Thank you Fay.

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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your guidance and support you gave me whilst I was on my emotional rollercoaster. You helped me find the strength and showed me that there is a good life out there – all I had to do was spread my wings and fly out of that cage.

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I would highly recommend Fay. Going through a really difficult time, Fay has always been there, a great listener and great coaching skills.
If you need help and support to get through a difficult time in your relationship or divorce, don’t do it alone, get in touch with Fay. The best thing I have ever done!

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I felt the session was really positive and will provide us with a platform to talk through a few things during the week.

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I met Fay at a local networking event I felt an instant warmth around her.
After 3 failed marriages and a break up with a long term partner, I decided I needed to understand what was happening and how I could feel good about myself again, in the hope one day I could forgive myself and others and start to love myself again.

Fay was so understanding and helped me realised I was stronger than I realised. She gave me some great advice and even sent me an affirmation to remind me of the strength that was within me. Highly recommend Fay 5 stars.

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Having met with Fay on several occasions I have found the experience to be both beneficial and long lasting. Fay has a way of making you think about an experience or emotion to recognise the impact it has had on you in a positive light. This in itself can be challenging but also proves to be enlightening. She has many tips to help control negative thought behaviours and help keep anxiety at bay, enabling you to reflect calmly. Calm reflection is what is needed during challenging times and Fay enables you to do this with her guiding hand.
– Liz

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Fay is amazing. I found her after my husband of 32 years had an affair. It was an utter shock when I discovered this, but after a few weeks apart we both decided we wanted to give our marriage a second go. My way of dealing with this was to ask him every question I could think of, email after email night after night I would send. It wasn’t working well as you can imagine but once we meet with Fay amongst other things, she suggested writing everything down in a journal instead, wow such a simple thing to do but worked miracles for me. She never took sides or applied blame she just offered a hand to help us try and solve our problems .

One of the main reasons I picked Fay was that she worked on empathy, which my husband was sadly lacking towards me. She got him to open up in a safe space and talk about his feelings for the first time since the affair and we grew to understand the reasons behind the affair. She helped us to communicate with each other, something we couldn’t do without fighting .

Now we feel we have the tools, thanks to Fay, to continue on our own to rebuild and make our marriage stronger. We will still be seeing her in the future for top up’ sessions when needed to keep us on the right path with our marriage. I can’t thank her enough for all her help and advice.

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I contacted Fay a few months ago after seeing one of her FB ad’s. I was in a very unhappy marriage and was reeling from the realisation that I probably needed to get out of it. With two children, and a domineering husband I didn’t know where to start. I wasn’t sure if this was how I even felt. I just knew I felt entirely lost, so unhappy and I needed someone to help me make sense of my thoughts and find clarity and courage. That’s exactly what Fay did.
During my initial chat with Fay she made me feel so comfortable. Not judged, not stupid. I knew instantly this was a lady I would be able to talk openly and honestly with. Over the coming weeks and months, i had regular sessions. Fay understood the dynamics of my relationship. I consider myself to be a fairly strong, independent woman, and as such have found the concept of acknowledging that my marriage was emotionally abusive very difficult. There were times I had to be brutally honest with myself, I found that challenging but cathartic, and Fay supported me through this, reminding me of some of my home truths and original goals as I progressed through the weeks and months.

It has not been a linear journey from A to B, and Fay has been there every step of the way. Supporting me with my regular sessions, and fitting me in at short notice at those times when life became unpredictable. Fay allowed me to explore my feelings, in a safe non-judgmental space, funneling down into where my feelings stemmed from, and allowing me to make sense of them all by myself. She has helped me to put things into context, helped me in reclaiming my self esteem and confidence, and has been a reassuring voice letting me know that it has been okay to feel all the emotions i have felt. Her insight and understanding of my situation has been invaluable – advising me on what behaviour I might see from my husband. She amazed me with this – often these behaviours materialised and as such I was as best prepared for them as I could have been. In what has been a heart wrenching and soul searching experience, she has been a reassuring and empowering influence. The upshot is that I have built up the courage to leave my husband, confident that i am doing the very best thing for myself and my children. She continues to support me during this process, and I genuinely don’t think i’d have found the strength or courage without her.

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