Walk and Talk Therapy - Divorce and Relationships

Walk and Talk Therapy

I offer walk and talk coaching as an alternative to face to face sessions in my coaching room. Walk and talk therapy allows the session to take place outdoors and is a great way of boosting your mood and wellbeing. Surrounding yourself in nature also has a positive impact on recovery whether that is from abuse, narcissism, infidelity, or trauma.

“Lose yourself in nature and find peace in your soul.”

Many of my clients feel it is more relaxing and less overwhelming than a face to face session as they are able to walk, take in their surroundings and not feel under any pressure to talk.

If you have never been in therapy before and are a little anxious, booking a walk and talk session is a good steppingstone to traditional therapy sessions.

My walk and talk sessions are extremely popular with male clients. It is a way to open up about their relationships, separation, or divorce in a more relaxed environment. I have numerous trails around my local area of Burton and around the National Forest.

Please contact me to find out more and book your first session.

Walk and Talk Therapy - Divorce and Relationships

Walk and Talk Therapy - Divorce and Relationships


Fay is amazing . I found her after my husband of 32 years had an affair . It was an utter shock when I discovered this but after a few weeks apart we both decided we wanted to give our marriage a second go . My way of dealing with this was to ask him every question I could think of , email after email night after night I would send them . It wasn’t working well as you can imagine but once we meet with Fay amongst other things suggested writing everything down in a journal instead , wow such a simple thing to do but worked miracle for me . She never took sides or applied blame she just offered a hand to help us try and solve our problems.

One of the main reason I picked Fay was that she worked on empathy , which my husband was sadly lacking towards me , she got him to open up in a safe space and talk about his feelings for the first time since the affair and we grew to understand the reasons behind the affair. She helped us to communicate with each other , something we couldn’t do without fighting.

Now we feel we have the tools , thanks to Fay , to continue on our own to rebuild and make stronger our marriage . We will still be seeing her in the future for top up’ sessions when needed to keep us on the right path with our marriage . I can’t thank her enough for all her help and advise.